The Fraction team has been working together for several years now, and despite the fact that we have earnest internal marching orders, it occurred to me that we've never shared these externally.

There are many ways to "run" a business just as there are many ways to create a successful personal relationship. At the end of the day, the set of actions that lead to success, in both cases, need to be tailored to the circumstances but guided by the principles of people.

We spend a lot of time thinking about and adhering to a set of principles. They drive our decisions and our processes on a daily basis. They work for us, but that doesn't mean they are "correct" or that all companies should follow them. They are a reflection of the people who work at Fraction and the ideologies we hold dearest.

Our Mission

Connect business and qualified customers to drive commerce.

Why Our Mission is Important to Us

Businesses are run by people and they are very hard to run. We know that, because we too run a business. We see so many businesses struggling to succeed, which in turn means we see many people struggling as well. We want to help. We want to create the opportunity and the inevitability for businesses, especially smaller ones, to succeed. When we looked at how best to help with success, we found that the primary function of a business is to find, acquire, and retain customers. A customer who cannot be acquired and retained is not a qualified customer, and thus we believe to our core that the way we can best ensure the success of businesses, and by extension the people who comprise them, is to connect those businesses to qualified customers and drive commerce.

If we succeed in our mission, the businesses we work with will succeed, the people who comprise those businesses will succeed, and the lives of all the surrounding people connected to those people will be improved and enriched! To us, that's a mission worth getting out of bed for.

Our Tenets

To keep ourselves aligned, both internally and externally, so that we can accomplish our mission, we have distilled our principles into six tenets. When we present and use these tenets, they come in three different "packages", which you will see reflected in how they are laid-out below.

We have a single word that represents the theme of the tenet, a sentence that describes the tenet as a single idea, and then an explanation of that single idea and why it's important.


Work hard with intent so you can be productive and enjoy your life.

We don't believe in spending every moment of our lives working. In fact, we don't believe that is either healthy nor productive. Our strategy is to use intent and focus while we are working so that we can enjoy our lives when we're not working. Focus also ensures that we are staying productive. There is a strong link between this idea and time boxing (reference), which is a relatively well-accepted methodology for maximizing work throughput. The deeper the focus, the deeper the impact.


The group is more powerful than the sum of the individuals.

We support each other and hold each other accountable to represent our tenets. Our relationship to one another should be kind, caring, supportive, and challenging. When times get tough, which they inevitably do, we bind together closer to overcome the challenges together.


Always be better.

If you're always improving, eventually you will be successful. Almost every task has the ability to be improved upon. Always striving to be better is less about the negativity associated with shortcomings and is more about the recognition that the harder we work to be better at all tasks, the less shortcomings we will have overall.


Switch your perspective.

It's rare that there is a single answer to a problem. This is something we acknowledge and try to account for by encouraging (and sometimes requiring) each other to take a different perspective on a topic or idea. The outcome may be the same, but it's important to evaluate things from different perspectives when making decisions to ensure all approaches have been considered.


Know thyself to better relate to others.

At the heart of any great relationship is a strong foundation of communication. We believe that communication is a wrapper around self-awareness. We believe that in order to communicate to others effectively, we must all know ourselves first. From there we can discuss, deliberate, and act from a powerful position through our communication.


Small disturbances lead to large reverberations.

We want to contribute to the upward march of humanity. We’re not curing cancer. We’re not curing world hunger. We are helping businesses succeed. Those businesses are run by people. Those people are connected to myriad other people. By enriching the lives of those who run the businesses, we are enriching the lives of an entire network of humans. When the business succeeds, the people succeed, the network succeeds. Small disturbances, large reverberations.